ANIYO KORE    |    psychedelic . neogrunge . desert rock

ANIYO KORE, based in Dortmund/Essen (Germany), sounds like Portishead, Tom Waits, Björk and Sleep put in a blender. 100% original, no coversongs and beyond the standard song structures the trio (f/f/m) is on  quest for their most unique sound and vivid live performance. Deep & heavy grooves from their newly found drummer along with his earthly bass and her full body guitar melodies, they combine the freedom of krautrock with the modern explosion of grunge and melodic depth of a stoner outfit. Together they sing songs inspired by bleak reality and the beautiful hope they find within. Their new album „432“ is out on SWEEPLAND RECORDS - full-blown original in 432hz.

photo by Björn Maletz

"ANIYO KORE make their mark with left-of-centre pieces of against the grain pop music, brilliantly weird and unique."
- Rewind Forward
"More suitable for a soundtrack to a David Lynch Movie than a concert with seating arrangements."
- Minutenmusik

"...ever so often strange paths. Surreal roadmovie-flair? Yes, something like that."
- Krach und so...

"If you are looking for classic song structures it will be in vain, but deep and eclectic sound is present at all times."
- Rockblogbluesspot
 "...on a clear mission to save melancholic vocal oriented trip-hop with the help of reduced beat structures, slightly 
dissonant postrock guitars, field recordings and an echo of illbient."
- baze.djunkiii