"432"  [album]   ///  

10 tracks of neogrunge-vocaltriphop
a circuit of fierce and gently spherical 

guitars come upon solid earthly basses 
refined with synthetic, rather heavy 
broken beat elements, all to be embraced 
by voices longing, yet full of hope

100% original material - no covers, samples or presets used
analog mix from a STUDER 904A console, recorded on a tube
amplified STUDER C37 tape machine by Tobias Stock  at ON TAPE (Dortmund) 

analog mastering by Funky Chris  at AV-SAUER (Dortmund)
limited edition series of 300 copies available on vinyl
including digital download, released on SWEEPLAND RECORDS

listen to the snippet:

price: 20 € plus shipping

for mail order contact: info[at]aniyokore.de